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Since 1952 we have been in the Big and Tall Men’s clothing business. Over the years we heard from our customers that they were unsatisfied and frustrated with the socks that were available to them. They weren’t wide enough to fit their feet. Some customers would cut their socks at the top to expand the width, while others never even wore socks. That inspired us to develop an “extra wide” line of socks with a unique stretch. We have grown from selling athletic, dress and “Medi-Socks” to a few big and tall stores, to well over 350 stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Australia. Our unique socks are unlike any others on the market. Our socks are equally wide in the foot, ankle and calf and have the ability to stretch up to 25 inches. But what makes our socks really different from other socks on the market is that they are knit on specially designed machines that allow them to attain the desired stretch without being loosely knit, like other companies are. Because of this, our extra-wide socks have a great appearance, are durable, and very comfortable to wear.

Many of our retailers tell us that our socks are the number #1 item in their store. Our quality, fit and stretch are beyond any sock on the market. “Extra Wide Sock Company” has consistently won awards including manufacturer of the year at the BATA show (Big and Tall Association) of men’s apparel. Aside from our “extra-wide” socks, we also developed a low compression dress sock called the “Comfort Sock”. This sock is a crossover between a regular and wide sock. The customers love this sock because it’s low compression with an easy stretch that goes on with little effort and does not leave marks on their legs.

If you would like information on purchasing our products wholesale you can email us at info@extrawidesockco.com or Contact Us.

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