Wear our Extra Wide Socks in the very best of health!

Karen Albaum: President & CSOO

Karen Albaum is Extra Wide Sock Company’s President and Chief Sock Operations Officer. She brings experience in Client Relations having worked at a Software Company and Architect & Builder for over 20 years. Karen is a people person and has a love for the human spirit. She provides a unique and different perspective on things.

She always ensures that our customers’ views are heard. While in the office you’ll find her answering the phone, working on sales and marketing, managing the office, making sure everything runs smoothly and dancing to the music that fills the warehouse! When Karen is out of the office you’ll find her at tradeshows, meetings, visiting customers, spending time with her family and attending musicals.

Bruce Kraus: Vice President & CSD

Bruce Kraus is the Vice President and Chief Sock Designer here at Extra Wide Sock Company. He brings 40 years of retail experience and a deep professional knowledge of measurements and specs to the Company. Bruce is known in the Big and Tall apparel industry for helping manufacturers create better fitting garments and developing new products.

He is an expert in his field! Bruce knows what our customers are looking for and he knows how to develop, manufacture and distribute specialty products. While in the office, you’ll find Bruce filling orders, measuring socks, talking to customers, and filling the warehouse with music from his eclectic iTunes collection! When Bruce is out of the office you’ll find him at his retail store, keeping up with current events, or scouring the neighborhoods for new restaurants.

Thank you for your interest in the Extra Wide Sock Company, family owned and operated since 1996. We pride ourselves on our quality, passion, and customer service.
Our Dad opened his first big and tall clothing store in 1952. While we were growing up we noticed many customers were not satisfied with the fit of the King-Size socks available in the store. They were definitely made longer than regular socks, but not wider. Many of our customers have wide feet, ankles and legs due to medical reasons or just plain old Mother Nature. After years of watching peoples’ frustrations, we decided to do something about it. The Extra Wide Sock Company was born!
You no longer have to wear socks that are too tight, hard to get on, or cut the top of the socks to create more room! Our comfortable, durable Extra Wide and Loose Fit Stays Up Socks are designed and manufactured to meet your needs and comfort.
Here at the Extra Wide Sock Company we’ve always had a passion for our country and that’s why our socks are made in the USA. We feel strongly about supporting the men and women who serve our country. We continually donate socks to our veterans.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we love to talk socks!

As always…Wear them in the very best of health.

Karen and Bruce

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and you will get a quick response back from us.
As always…Wear our Extra Wide Socks in the very best of health!