Extra Wide Medical Crew and Quarter Socks

Our Medical Socks are a Godsend for people that are looking for a comfortable, non-constricting sock that fits people with Edema or any condition where their feet, ankles, or legs are wide or swollen. If you have a cast or an Unna boot, our sock will slip right over it for added protection. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!
  • Fits over Unna Boots and casts
  • Wide in the foot, ankle and leg
  • Stretches to 25 inches in the calf
  • Goes on easy, stays up
  • Microban antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria
  • Ideal for people with Edema or any condition where feet, ankles and calves are wide or swollen
  • Toe Seam is designed to be worn on the outside for people with diabetes
  • Material content: 93% cotton 7% nylon
  • Made in the USA
Sock Size Women’s Shoe Sizes Men’s Shoe Sizes
S 6.5 – 9.5 5 – 8
M 10 – 13 8.5 – 11.5
L 13.5+ 12 – 16
Fits Up to 6E Width
“The Extra Wide Medical Socks are truly fabulous. I have had many patients use these socks and the feedback is always positive. They say they fit great, stay up well, are non-binding, and very comfortable. I have used these socks on all sizes of patients with all types of compression wraps and I haven’t yet found a patient they don’t fit. These are truly the best diabetic socks I have used.”
– Holly Swan RN, BSN, WCC
  •  William D,  Baraboo WI
    Your Socks feel better and fit better than any other brand of socks I have worn in my life!!! My feet are size 15 5E. They are frequently swollen.  I have always had problems with socks fitting—until I found your product.  Your socks make my feet feel extremely comfortable without any pinching or binding anywhere in the sock.  They truly make a difference in the way one feels throughtout the day.  Thanks again for producing a superior product!!!
    William D, Baraboo WI
  • Roz L,  Scottsdale, AZ
    Your socks are the best! All my family and friends with Diabetes rave about them. After many washings they hold their shape and do not shrink up like many brands.  Keep up the good work.
    Roz L, Scottsdale, AZ