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The Science of Socks

The Science of Extra Wide Socks

Although 85% of Americans suffer from problems in their feet (American Podiatric Medical Association), research (Today’s Podiatrists) shows that Americans still view their feet as the least important part of their body when it comes to health. However, this is not the case – foot health is directly linked to overall health. Put simply, if your feet are healthy, you will be healthy.

Foot pain has proven connections to many health problems, most commonly circulation problems in the feet. So how can socks fix this problem? Well if you think about it, your feet are in constant contact with the ground all day, so it is important to have a sock which protects your feet while providing comfort and support. Our Extra Wide Socks do just that, and at an affordable price.

Take our medical sock for example; this sock is designed specifically for people with medical conditions, whether it is poor circulation, long term health issues such as Diabetes and Edema, or short term issues such as recovering from surgery or a broken bone. The medical sock has three built-in features that actively promote foot health:

  1. Antimicrobial Protection – Protects against bacterial and fungal infections as well as preventing infection of blisters and abrasions.
  2. Inverted Toe Seam – Creates a seam-free feel which is not only comfortable, but is also important to Diabetics. With the inverted toe seam, there is little risk of blistering which could potentially cause an infection in the foot.
  3. 92% Cotton Content – Cotton is one of nature’s unsung miracles. Quite simply, no man-made fiber provides both the elasticity and comfort of cotton. Our socks feature 92% cotton content providing comfort and durability.

100% of our socks are manufactured right here in the USA. We’re proud to support American cotton growers and textile workers, and we sincerely believe that, when it comes to specialty products like our socks, US made products truly are the best.