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The Science of Socks

The Science of Extra Wide Socks

Discover the Importance of Foot Health with Extra Wide Sock Company: Over 85% of Americans experience foot issues, yet many overlook the crucial role of foot health in overall well-being. Poor foot health is often linked to broader health concerns, including circulation problems. Our Extra Wide Socks offer a solution, blending comfort, support, and protection at a great value.

Our medical-grade socks are tailored for individuals facing medical challenges, from circulation issues and long-term conditions like Diabetes and Edema to recovery from surgery or injuries. They feature:

  • Antimicrobial Protection: Guards against infections, benefiting those with blisters or abrasions.
  • Inverted Toe Seam: Provides a seamless feel, reducing the risk of blisters and subsequent infections, crucial for Diabetic foot care.
  • 92% Cotton Content: Delivers unmatched comfort and durability, thanks to the natural elasticity and softness of cotton.

Proudly made in the USA, we support local cotton growers and textile workers, reinforcing our belief in the superior quality of American-made products. Choose Extra Wide Socks for the ultimate in foot health and comfort.