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What Your Feet Say About You

What Your Feet Say About You Socks

Your feet are not just used for walking around town; they are integral parts of your overall body health. The foot directly affects over 30 parts of the human body including your heart, brain, intestines, and all your major joints. This means that pain in a specific part of your foot will probably be pain elsewhere in your body. Trouble with your feet commonly leads to swelling of the hip, lower back spasms, shin splints, and aching of the knees, just to name a few.

Consider this…the area of an average sized foot is 28 square inches. A person weighing 250 pounds therefore places 9 pounds of pressure per square inch on their foot – that’s a lot of pressure on all those tiny blood vessels, nerves and bones! Without proper protection that amount of constant pressure will almost certainly damage your feet which, in turn, will affect your ankles, knees, hips, lower back – in fact your whole body.

Foot health is a very important aspect of overall health, and, although taking care of your feet may not be very glamorous, it is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

So how can you make your feet happy? Well, you have to support them properly and provide them with enough cushioning. This means that wearing the right shoes and socks is essential. Many companies have focused on providing wider, larger and more supportive shoes but very few companies have focused on socks.

Our Extra Wide Socks provide the necessary support and comfort you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. So whether you need a medical sock for health reasons or you simply want a more comfortable sock, the Extra Wide Sock Company’s Socks are for you!